The 'Taxi Prince' Is Taking on Uber—and Winning

In recent years, Uber has dominated the ride-hailing industry. Its convenient app, affordable pricing, and widespread popularity have made it hard for others to compete. However, one company has emerged as a serious competitor – the “Taxi Prince,” Jabez Tan.

Jabez Tan, a Singaporean businessman, is the founder of HDT Singapore Taxi. His company launched in 2017, with a fleet of just 10 taxis that were equipped with modern technology and sleek designs. Since then, HDT Singapore Taxi has expanded its operations to 200 taxis and has become a reliable mode of transportation for many in Singapore.

But how is the Taxi Prince winning against Uber? Here are a few factors that have contributed to his success:

– Competitive pricing: One of the primary factors that have made Uber so successful is its low pricing model. HDT Singapore Taxi has recognized this and has implemented a similar strategy by offering competitive rates, which has helped draw customers away from Uber and other rivals.

– High-quality service: HDT Singapore Taxi has made a strong effort to provide a top-notch service to its customers. The taxis are equipped with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi, GPS tracking, and audio and video recordings. The drivers are also well-trained and courteous, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and safe ride.

– Local knowledge: Jabez Tan has deep roots in Singapore, which has given him a unique perspective on the city’s transportation needs. He has used this knowledge to tailor his services to meet the needs of local customers, which has helped HDT Singapore Taxi gain market share.

– Flexible payment options: Unlike Uber, HDT Singapore Taxi allows customers to pay with cash or credit cards. This has been a significant selling point for many Singaporeans who prefer to pay with cash.

Overall, HDT Singapore Taxi has been successful in taking on Uber by providing a high-quality service at a competitive price. Jabez Tan’s local knowledge, flexibility, and attention to detail have helped him gain an edge over his competitors. It remains to be seen whether HDT Singapore Taxi can continue to grow and further disrupt the ride-hailing industry, but for now, the Taxi Prince is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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