How to Use Gmail (and Slack and Zoom) Better Than Anyone in Your Office: 19 Easy Shortcuts

In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficient communication and productivity tools have become an integral part of our professional lives. Among these, Gmail, Slack, and Zoom have revolutionized the way we work, enhancing collaboration and making remote interactions seamless. To help you become a pro at using these platforms, we have compiled a list of 19 easy shortcuts that will make you the star of your office.

Gmail Shortcuts:

1. Composing Emails at Lightning Speed: Instead of clicking on the “Compose” button, simply press the ‘C’ key to start drafting a new email instantly. It saves you precious seconds and keeps the flow going.

2. Keyboard Shortcut to Send or Archive: Tired of moving your cursor to the ‘Send’ or ‘Archive’ button? Press ‘Ctrl + Enter’ to accomplish this task in a blink of an eye.

3. Navigating to Inbox: To quickly return to your inbox no matter where you are in Gmail, press ‘G’ followed by ‘I’. These keys together will take you straight to your main window.

4. Labeling Emails Rapidly: When viewing a message, press ‘L’ to open the label menu quickly. Type the desired label’s name and hit Enter or select with your arrow keys. Voila! Your email is organized effortlessly.

5. Searching Within a Specific Folder: To search for emails within a particular label or folder, press ‘G’, followed by ‘L’ and choose the relevant label/folder. Then press ‘/’ and continue typing your search query.

6. Marking Emails as Read or Unread: While reading an email, press ‘Shift + U’ to toggle its status between read and unread. This shortcut helps you maintain a neat and organized inbox.

7. Archiving Emails: Instead of moving your cursor to the ‘Archive’ button, press ‘E’ and save valuable time.

Slack Shortcuts:

8. Format Text Quickly: To make formatting a breeze while typing in Slack, use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Shift + \’. It opens the formatting window, allowing you to apply the desired formatting instantly.

9. Reply in a Thread: When you need to respond to a specific message in a thread, hover over it and press ‘R’. This shortcut saves you from searching for the reply button and keeps your conversations well-organized.

10. Jumping Between Channels: To quickly navigate between channels, press ‘Ctrl + K’ and start typing the channel’s name. Slack will auto-suggest matching channels, and you can select the one you want using arrow keys and hit Enter.

11. Mark Messages as Unread: When a message catches your attention, but you don’t have time to reply immediately, press ‘Alt + click’ on that message to mark it as unread, making it easy to find later.

12. Snooze Notifications: To mute notifications temporarily and concentrate on your work, press ‘Ctrl + Shift + M’. This shortcut helps avoid distractions during intense work sessions.

Zoom Shortcuts:

13. Switching to Gallery View: A simple way to view all participants at once during a Zoom meeting is by pressing ‘Alt + F2’. This shortcut switches your view to the gallery layout, ensuring you never miss a reaction or comment.

14. Mute/Unmute: Rather than searching for the microphone icon to toggle your audio, press ‘Alt + A’. This convenient shortcut instantly mutes or unmutes your microphone during meetings.

15. Screen Sharing on the Fly: If you need to share your screen without going through the meeting controls, press ‘Alt + S’ and select the desired screen or application.

16. Recording Meetings: When you want to record a Zoom meeting, press ‘Alt + R’. It initiates the recording and ensures that important discussions are captured effortlessly.

17. Raise Hand: To get the host’s attention or indicate that you have a question during a meeting, press ‘Alt + Y’ to raise your virtual hand. It’s a polite way to participate actively in the discussion.

18. Lock Meeting: If a meeting requires privacy and no further participants should be allowed to join, press ‘Alt + L’. This action instantly locks the meeting and secures the ongoing conversation.

19. End Meeting: As a host, instead of manually navigating through Zoom’s menu options, press ‘Alt + Q’ to end the meeting promptly. This shortcut helps prevent unnecessary delays and confusion.

By mastering these 19 easy shortcuts, you’ll not only streamline your own workflow but also impress your colleagues with your efficiency and technical prowess. So, practice them regularly, and soon you’ll be known as the go-to person for navigating Gmail, Slack, and Zoom with lightning speed and finesse.

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